About Michael Samoylov, Python, JavaScript and Swift Expert

Michael Samoylov is a full-stack Python/Django and Javascript/AngularJS/React developer with 12 years of experience.

Michael has been a Linux user since the age of 15. So, not surprising his first job at the age of 20 was a systems administrator role at a Web hosting company.

Soon, in 2002 he switched from shell and Bash scripting to programming in PHP and JavaScript. A few years later, in 2006, he discovered Django and has been programming in Python daily since then.

A technology fan and a perfectionist by nature he has become an OS X and iOS user and developer.

Michael runs a consulting company Monmar (previously named Djangoware). He spends his days working with a diverse toolset including Python, Django, JavaScript, Meteor, React, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Swift.

Michael also does consulting and is available for code reviews. He can be reached at michael.samoylov@gmail.com.

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