Sluggard: macOS application to fight sitting disease

You are reading this post while perched in a chair, right? You must have been there for a while, just like most computer users including me.

As a software developer I spend eight to ten hours a day sitting in front of my display. Plus, very often I spend evenings on the coach while playing games on PS4 or watching TV series.

When I was younger I didn't pay much attention to this fact. But now I'm 33 years old and I do really feel that sitting is harmful. Plus, I'm seeing a muscular dystrophy in my hamstrings.

Studies show that if you stay physically inactive for long periods, you risk developing cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Going to gym two-three times a week is just not enough to cover the lack of activity. You have to be physically active during the day.

This why I decided to create a macOS application forcing me to take a short break and become more physically active.

Working from home I'm able to do pull-ups, leg raises and crunches in addition to squats and climbing stairs.

But, I believe that the majority of office workers will be able to find a place for squats, or they can just climb stairs. Anyways, a single available exercise is better than no activity at all.

Your feedback and feature requests will be highly appreciated. Thanks for reading and let's get healthier!

Michael Samoylov

Python, JavaScript and Swift Expert with 12+ years of experience.

Vilnius, Lithuania

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